Sunday, 13 March 2011

Get Breath with Oxygen Based Colon-Cleanser

It is only those who have gone through severe bouts of constipation who would actually appreciate how necessary it is to have a clean colon. You feel, tired, depressed and bloated. There are options for you to clean your colon using laxatives. There are the regular medicines which can clean your colon and there are also the herbs which can clean your colon of the waste accumulated. But these are not things you should rely for too long as you can grow a dependency on them. Moreover, they have serious side effects which can damage your organs like the liver, kidneys and the colon itself. There is always the suggestion of adding fibers in your diet which are not soluble. It is true that fiber helps but only in scraping the material that is clogged right at the center of the colon. However, when your colon is stuffed with fecal matter and the walls of your colon are impacted by 15 to 20 pounds of them, adding fiber would hardly be a solution. It is only after you have got your colon cleaned that you can start having more fiber in your diet to ensure that the problem is not repeated. Today a high quality oxygen based colon cleanser is available in the market. It consists of oxides and peroxides of magnesium. Theses oxides and peroxides are pressurized with oxygen. When taken the chemical will release oxygen inside out digestive tract where the oxygen reacts with the hydrochloric acid that is present in our stomach. What the reaction does is to convert the hard substance that has been impacted on the walls of the colon into liquid or gaseous forms. This allows the colon to eliminate them easily. So fecal matter that had got deposited for days is quickly released and your colon is back to its normal state. Obviously the stool for a few days would be either liquid or soft. Don't worry thinking that you have diarrhea. It is nothing but the result of the oxidation. If you are administering yourself an oxygen based colon cleanser, do so during the weekend or take leave from work. For a couple of days you would need to visit the toilet more than normally what you do. Also see to it that you drink plenty of water so that the water you lose during defecation is replaced. In any case water always helps in constipation.

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