Monday, 4 April 2011

Is Colon Cleansing Right?

As with any new procedure, the efficacy and even the safety of the colon cleansing procedure has been questioned in several quarters. And as with most other processes colon cleansing has quite a few positives but there are a few negatives too that come along with colon cleansing. The concept of cleansing the colon has been there for sometime now. In fact if we go back in time, the very first mention of colon cleansing can be traced as far back as the Egyptian civilization. In fact the Egyptians believed that the root of all physical ailments can be traced back to the colon. So, most of the treatment that they practiced was targeted in getting the colon work properly. Let us first see how colon cleansing benefits us. Colon cleansing ensures that your colon is in optimal health and there would be less chances of colon cancer and other related diseases. Also a clean colon would allow the nutrients from the food to be absorbed better by the bloodstreams so you will feel energized instead of being fatigued and bloated. Losing excess weight is one of the great benefits of having your colon cleansed. Of course having your colon cleansed will reduce your weight directly by quite a few pounds. But a clean colon will mean that you would be able to digest your food better. So you would no longer feel uncomfortable and would tend to stay away from junk foods. Since a major cause of binging is depression and having a clean colon helps you stay happy and cheerful, there is less chance of you going for a binging bout. A clean colon also has a very positive effect on your mind. You will no longer feel tired or depressed. You will remain always cheerful and there would be renewed interest in life. Eliminating waste from your body can also ensure that you will have less of aches and pains. The toxins produced by the waste matter are often held responsible for headaches. Undergoing a colon cleansing program will also make you look good with a skin that will glow and feel much better. There are a few problems to that are associated with colon cleansing. Colon cleansing treatments eliminate the chance of important fatty acids being formed which can fight against arthritis, certain kinds of cancer, high cholesterol and heart ailments. If you are using colon cleansing herbs for the process then you might have serious side effects if you use them for a prolonged period of time. These herbs are very potent and can cause damage to vital organs of the body including the liver, the kidneys and the colon itself. Regular use of these herbs can also develop a dependency in you for these herbs which is never quite good especially when you know about the side effects.

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