Sunday, 10 April 2011

Colon Cleansing: Boon or Bane?

Recent studies have thrown up some startling facts which has made Americans to sit up and take note of the situation. United States of America, of all countries, have the most number of reported cases of colon-rectal cancers. And this is true for both categories of men and women. Also, any American who lives till the age of 40 is expected to develop diverticulosis popularly known as herniated bowel pockets. Though colon cleansing is not something new and its history can be traced back to the Egyptian Civilization, it has again seen a rise of interest in the recent years. This was inevitable especially because of the kind of life we lead these days. Our daily routine allows us little exercise and with less time to cook we end up ordering food that is highly processed, high on fat content but very low on fiber. Such being the state of affairs there has been a renewed interest in colon cleansing. Practiced since the days of Egyptian civilization, colon cleansing was almost a forgotten therapy. But recent years have seen a surge in the interest among common people about colon cleansing. And as with something new, which colon cleansing is to today's generation, there is a lot of doubt and skepticism as to whether it really works, and even if it works if it is something which causes problems in the long run. Let us discuss both the angles of colon cleansing. There are positives to it. But we are afraid to tell you, there can be a few possible negatives, especially if someone doesn't use the colon cleansers moderately. Benefits: 1. Problem of constipation being addressed. 2. Many headaches being made a thing of the past. 3. Fatigue and tiredness giving way to rejuvenated energy and a renewed interest in life and activities. 4. No feeling of being uncomfortable and bloated. Depression resulting from such feelings also goes away. 5. Many kinds of allergic symptoms are also taken care of. 6. The skin improves in that not only it feels good but it glows. 7. Problem of gas formation does not exist any more. 8. Obesity is being controlled as the eating habits become more regulated. Problems: 1. When the colon cleansers are used regularly they can severely affect several of our organs including the liver, the kidneys and even the colon itself. 2. There is always a chance of us developing a dependency on the colon cleansing products. 3. If the herbs are used over a period of time then there can be a dark pigmentation of the colon. This is called melanosis coli. 4. Colon cleansing treatments eliminate the chance of important fatty acids being formed which can fight against arthritis, certain kinds of cancer, high cholesterol and heart ailments. 5. Many colon cleansers can be at odds with the medication you are already taking.

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