Friday, 15 April 2011

Triphala: The Natural Colon Cleansing Agent

Although we often don't provide that much importance to our colon it must be understood that it is a vital organ of our body as it regulates the elimination of the waste matter from our body. If our colon is not working properly then these waste materials would accumulate and produce toxins that will get absorbed by the bloodstreams near the colon and circulated all over the body. It is amazing to know that an unclean colon can cause ailments like constipation, headache, sinusitis, weight problems, digestive problems and to some even vision problems. So it must be understood that taking proper care of our colon is of significant importance. Having a clean colon can considerably improve our quality of life. With a clean colon working at its optimal levels, we can think quick, be alert, enjoy ourselves, and can even have better sex lives. With all such great benefits in store for us there is no sense in not having our colon cleansed. There are several methods and products which help us to clean our colons. One such product is the triphala an ayurveda ingredient. Triphala gets its name from two words in Sanskrit 'tri' meaning three and 'phala' meaning fruit. Triphala is composed of three fruits the amla, harda and bahera. Since it contains bioflavonoids, along with linoleic oil and phospholipids and is also high in vitamin C content, it makes triphala a very effective colon cleanser. Triphala can work wonders in facilitating bowel movements. According to the ayurveda the triphala is considered to be the tridoshic rasayan. This is meant to balance the three vital elements the vata, pitta and kapha. And these elements are supposed to control the human life. Triphala is nutritionally very high on contents and hence helps the body on that count too. Ayurvedic texts also talk about its effect as a blood purifying agent. It has been attributed further accolades by the claim that it facilitates bile secretion and hence keeps the liver also in its prime condition. Serum and lipid levels are also reduced by the intake of triphala. Additional benefits of triphala would be to improve the blood circulation. Consequently it also is effective in persons having high blood pressure. Since the triphala cleans the colon and the liver and also improves blood circulation the skin also looks better. Triphala can help you live longer and live healthy.

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