Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Colon Cleansing: Is It All Hype?

It has been observed lately that all across America people are increasingly becoming aware of their colon health and issues relating to colon health. Many of them have woken up to the fact that up to the fact that the number of deaths due to colon-rectal cancer is now more than ever before. The cause for that can be attributed to various factors the chief being the lifestyle and eating habits of the Americans. With a diet that is chiefly based on high processed food the fiber content is almost nil. With no roughage, bowel movements are bound to become irregular. As the interest grows there are many companies which want to cash in on the chance. There are loads of sites on the internet advertising colon cleansing products and colon cleansing therapies. Not that all of them can be trusted, but they are there doing brisk business. Now that so many people are becoming interested about colon cleansing let us examine how important it is to have the colon cleansed. The kind of eating habits we practice it is normal that our colon gets affected. That the bowel is unhealthy is because of consumption of toxic substances regularly which would include caffeine, sugar, white flour, microwave-cooked food, hydrogenated fats and deep fried foods. All these food substances can lead to huge amounts of deposits in the colon which it is not able to deal with. The argument put forward by alternative therapists is that the colon is the place where all the wastes in our body get accumulated. If these waste matters are not removed properly, then they tend to stay there, being impacted on the walls of the colon and produce toxins. These toxins get absorbed by the bloodstream near the colon and are circulated all over the body. As toxins are necessarily bad they cause all sort of problems from headache to constipation. The therapists advise that regularly cleaning the colon by forcibly eliminating the waste matter inside one can ensure that these toxins do not get around. Science and conventional medicine however do not see much strength in such arguments claiming that the colon by itself is good enough to tackle the problem of waste matter and it is not abnormal is someone has a bowel movement in only two or three days time. They don't tell you that colon cleansing will harm you significantly but advice you to save your money.

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